Saffron may be found in various places but why shop with ?

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How to determine the quality of saffron

Some people believe that the quality of saffron is tied to its freshness and purity but how can we exactly evaluate the quality of saffron ?
Saffron is a valuable spice that when dried properly it can extract delightful aroma,flavor and color to a dish . these special features of saffron sometimes can be determined easily and it may help us to detect quality saffron . 
however evaluating saffron is not end to simple signs and it mainly needs more experience & knowledge and also needs laborial equipments But still usual consumers will have a good purchase if they :

They try to remember the natural signs of pure saffron ( aroma,flavor and color of saffron) and carefully consider these special features while purchasing a product . 

Pay attention to natural shape of saffron threads. this point is very important and would be helpful to detect pure saffron threads from adulterated ones.

Know about different types of saffron present at the global markets . this point would help us to determine different qualities of saffron and truly compare saffron prices in various stores.

Purchase from reliable and honest suppliers . however this point may seem not to be applicable for first time customers but in fact even this group of customers are able to get more useful info about the seller by: checking customer comments , standard certificates of the seller and products description that is published by the seller and check whether they are really true and reasonable or they are just fake advertisement .

and finally know about saffron “standard analysis report” and ask for it especially when buying saffron in large amounts . 
In fact “Saffron standard analysis report ” is a more confident available choice to exactly evaluate the quality of saffron . So Pnsaffron ,as a professional team in quality control of saffron, can offer its customers this analysis report so that they can be reasonably aware of the quality and the grade of ordered saffron . (it’s recommended specially for whole sales or bulk saffron orders . )
Below there is a sample of our “standard analysis report ” :