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Since ancient times physicians and chemists have been impressed by the quality and properties of saffron and their beliefs have been confirmed by modern science. 

Saffron for Health

Saffron for Health

Saffron is used in various medicines and has traditionally been believed to give one a clear complexion, a sense of well-being and exhilaration, and to increase potency.
Saffron has several health benefits where it is called  “the flower of health”.
Scientific studies have confirmed many properties of this amazing medicinal herb, including its anti-carcinogenic effect, anti-depression, booster of intelligence, and its effect on the body’s resistance to diseases .
The Energy in Foods :
1 gram Carbohydrate = 4 Kcal
1 gram Protein = 4 Kcal
1 gram Fat = 9 Kcal
1 gram Alcohol = 7 Kcal

Today, based on growing and effective applications of saffron in medical fields and in alternative medicine, it has attracted the attention of many researchers. Saffron may substitute chemical medicines. 

More details about medical properties of saffron 
It …
* helps digestion, strengthens the stomach and it is anti-tympanites.
* activates the sexual desire.
* is analgesic, especially for colicky pains gingivitis.
* fights tumors and collection of free radicals (thus reacting against cancerous cells) .
* is euphoriant and alleviates neuralgia, is a tranquilizer, cures insomnia, strengthens memory power, improve concentration, reacts against spasm, fights depression, the Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases.
* controls blood pressure disorders, lowers high cholesterol levels, cures iron deficiency (anemia) in girls, reduces chances of such heart diseases as arteriosclerosis, helps improve heart conditions (due to the presence of thiamin, riboflavin and mineral components).
* cures respiratory disorders such as asthma, cough, influenza and cold.
* helps blood circulation in the retina, cures macula lutea and retinopathy ischemic caused by old age.
* cures rheumatism and bruises when used externally.
* cures amebic dysentery, the measles, inflammation of the liver, splenomegaly and urogenital  infections.
The application of saffron in cancer-treatment experiments performed on laboratory animals has proved successful.

But remember that, in spite of all valuable health benefits of saffron, it should not be used  too much . saffron is a potent spice and over using of saffron may be harmful for health .( specially for pregnant women )

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