what is Saffron ?


Briefly about Saffron

Saffron is one of the valuable spice with great aroma , flavor and color that would be a splendid addition in many recipes of the world and also Due to its valuable properties along with the health , beauty and gentleness that it grants the skin, it grows to conquer all hearts…

How to use

Saffron is a spice and like any other spice the instruction of usage makes a huge difference in result.

Iranian Saffron comes always fully dried.
It can be used in most of liquid foods or drinks by adding the filaments directly into them but for the best influence you better turn the filaments to powder.
Even better than that is steaming the powder in half a glass hot boiled water for 5gr of powder (just make sure the water won’t boil after adding the powder). So by this way you will make a high concentrated saffron solution which can be used much easier anywhere even solid foods like rice and anytime. This solution must be used faster than the powder however if you seal the container and keep it in the fridge it can stay fresh up to 3 months. Remember the powder itself need to be sealed, kept in the cool temperature and in the dark.

Saffron Powder can be added to most of drinks and also can be used as Saffron Tea itself.
Please notice everything has a limit and passing that limit can have side effects. Saffron usage is not recommended more than 2g powder per person per day.

More about Saffron

Saffron is a name of a flower scientifically called ” Crocus sativus ” which grows only one time a year ( in Oct-Nov ) In various parts of the world specially in Spain, Italy,iran , morroco and greece .
This beautiful flower usually contains 3 red to yellow stigmas which are separated from other parts of the flower and after proper drying become commercial saffron .
But the story does not end to a dried part of a flower. The red dried threads of saffron naturally imparts a beautiful bright yellow color when soaked in hot tap water. More over the Saffron extract contains unique and delightful flavor and aroma that really attract many desires .
Due to the unique properties and also health benefits of this valuable plant it may have different uses in various fields such as foods &beverages, confectionaries ,cosmetics and medicinal industry.

To be expensive or not that’s the Question

It’s important to mention that Saffron threads actually are separated by hand and it takes 75000 flowers to reach 1lb of dried saffron . So due to hard working and time consuming process of producing saffron ,it may have very higher price rather than other spices . But in spite of that we can still say that Saffron is not really an expensive product since a little goes a long way . a pinch of saffron (0.125 gr) would serve 4 persons in a dish . Thus we don’t have to buy large amounts and really don’t need to spend much money for usual consuming of saffron.
So let’s make fantastic dishes with Saffron And enjoy the special properties of this valuable plant .

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